Customized Electrical Safety Consulting Focusing on Electrical Safety Program Development

OSHA and the NFPA 70E require that employers have an effective Electrical Safety Program to protect employees. Due to the varying needs of our clients, we developed a graduated approach to electrical safety program development.

Turnkey Programs
Praxis Corporation can develop entire programs that are ready to implement with very little use of internal corporate resources. Turnkey program development involves:

• Evaluation of Organizational Culture
• Review of Existing Policies/Procedures
• Interviews of Key Personnel to Ascertain the Best
   Way to Structure the Program
• Program Roll-Out

• Program Development
• Program Revision
• Manaement/ Employee Training

Editor Programs
The Editor Program is for clients who prefer to develop a program using internal corporate resources, but have an outside expert to provide “rear-end editing” for compliance and completeness. Editor programs usually include:

Review of Company Policy and Procedures
• Evaluation of the Final Draft of the Program 
• Specific Program Recommendations
• Evaluative Reports 

Outline Programs
When an organization already has a professional safety staff, but lacks expertise in a specific area, an Outline Program often provides a cost-effective option. With an Outline Program, Praxis Corporation will provide the general outline of a specific program, along with appropriate citations for Codes, Standards, and Regulations that should be researched and included in the program. Internal corporate resources then work from the outline to complete the program on their own.

Electrical Safety Program Auditing
Praxis has developed a structured process to objectively Audit your Electrical Safety Program. Our auditing tool produces a numerical score for each of 7 Program Elements that can be used to assess progress and also can be used in Peformance Planning for managers and supervisors.

Our President has published an award-winning paper on Electrical Safety Programs. Contact us for a copy of the paper.